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“The wide world is all about you: you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot for ever fence it out.”

J.R.R Tolkien

Lights of Valar Kinship Rules

We are so excited to have you with us, and hope that you enjoy your time here as well! To ensure that everyone is having the best possible experience, we have compiled a list of helpful information about us, some rules, and more. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thanks for being here!

1) As soon as you join our discord or have the time, please make sure to edit your nickname to your toon's name in the kin or your main in game name so we know who we are talking to. If you need help doing this, ask an officer and they will direct you to someone who can take care of it for you.

2) Do not make any inappropriate, rude, or derogatory comments towards anyone in the kin or discord server. We do not tolerate any form of bullying and take it very seriously.

3) Please do not start drama. We pride ourselves on being a safe and fun place where everyone is able to get help they need and enjoy themselves. If you are purposely commenting to illicit a negative reaction from anyone, that will not be tolerated here.

4) Respect everyone! We are all human beings behind the screens and have real, genuine feelings, so keep that in mind. If you have an issue with someone in the kin you MUST take it to an officer or a leader in a private chat. Do not talk about the issue in general chat or with others.

5) We do not allow offensive words to be used. These words include, but are not limited to; cunt, pussy, faggot. Please don't make me add to this list as you will be booted. Absolutely no words that are derogatory towards race, ethnicity, gender, religion or politics.

6) Please do not spam the chats, in game or on discord. This includes asking for people to partake in raid groups, epic battles, etc. over and over again!

7) Respect our officers and do NOT block or ignore them. They are there to ensure everyone is having a fun experience, so treat them with the respect that everyone deserves.

8) Anyone caught impersonating another player in a derogatory manner and/or to scam someone, will be immediately removed from kin.

9) Most importantly, Have FUN! We all come here for fun and to escape real life. While real life is more important, remember to have fun on here! 

Lights of Valar Run Rules

1) Raiding can be a long term team effort. Have patience, and be a good team player. Be kind and do not use vulgar language during a raid or instance. Always respect the leader of the raid for fellowship. Wait for their directions.

2) If you are the leader of a raid or instance: Raid spots belong to the player for the duration of the raid. It is considered poor form to remove players or ask players to leave to obtain a player with better statistics, during the raid - stats. should be addressed at raid invites and not after.

3) Raid Composition Warning: even though you signed up for a raid you are not always guaranteed a spot. Certain raids require that there be a special make up of each class. Don't get hurt if you signed up before someone else but the leader skips you due to that spot already being filled. In LOV we try to set up raids in a way that makes it clear what we need.. not everyone does it this way.

4) Raids are not a good place to get to know the other members. Chatter should be kept to a minimum when fighting. When it comes to mechanics, beginners should first try to understand how the particular raid works. Some raids may do things differently and still have success so be flexible enough to try it their way before making suggestions.

5) If there are any issues with other members of the raid, they should be discussed in a tell during a break or after the raid with the raid leader.

6) LOOT! Make sure you know how the raid leader wishes to divide up the loot before the raid. Different raids require different loot rules and it is up to the raid leader to decide how it is set up. Also, if you are the leader of a run, it's your responsibility to be as clear as possible what your loot rule is going to be for that particular run.

7) LoV raid rules give everyone three strikes on punctuality. If you sign up for a raid, we are counting on you to be there and we need that spot filled. You are making a commitment to be there and to be on time. People not showing up within 15 minutes of raid start time will be given three strikes, after which you will not be invited to raids for a period no less than 30 days.

8) Only admins can set up a run on the LOV discord server. If you would like to request a run please post your request in the LOV raid request channel.