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Lights Of Valar
Crickhollow Kinship

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The Lights of Valar is a rank 10 kinship that was established in 2019. We are a large, popular, active kin with an exquisitely decorated Kinship house in Belfalas. The Kin house is equipped with all the crafting stations, premium ingredient crate, banker, barber, as well as entrances to Mordor and Mordor besieged.

As a family friendly kinship we delight in everything from casual play to raiding. We also enjoy grouping up together for skirmishes, Instances, epic battles, questing, deeding, events, kin activities, fellowships, RP and more. Additionally the kin has a wide variety of levels ranging across the board from lower level beginners to end game players. If you are looking, there will always be someone to play with or to help you in times of need. We are blessed with an enthusiastic social group of friendly gamers along with helpful Officers, including kinnies in many different time zones.

Our Discord server is available to kinnies and non kinnies as it is open to all Lotro players! You can discover vast knowledge based material filled with guidance for all races, levels, classes and experience level! On Discord you will find information on weekly events, as well as social fun and games. We post up to date LOTRO announcements to keep everyone up to speed on the latest news, events and festivals.




Most Evenings

Retaking Pelargir

6 kinnies level 10+



12 kinnies and kin friends, level 130


Throne of Dread Terror,

 Fallen Kings and more

Check out our Discord for more posted Events!

Wonderful Kinship Experience


"Lights of Valar is a wonderful Kin that is inclusive of all levels and experiences. I would recommend them to anyone who is just starting out or who has been playing the game for a long time!" - Iolit

Tol Falthui, Orchalbel, Belfalas

[email protected]